Skills Labs project launched

The project Skills Labs: High-quality e-practicals Water Management with EMERGO was launched September 1th 2008.

This project aims at high-quality and sustainable e-learning that can remove current severe bottlenecks in the training programme for Water Management. In this, the project will contribute to improve study success and better quality of higher education in general, theme B of the NAP e-learning.

It concerns parts of the training programme for Environmental Sciences that deal with acquiring complex cognitive skills in complex problem contexts that demand intensive support formats. In practice, this support is often suboptimal because of limited availability of teachers, commonly known as the teacher bandwidth problem. As a consequence, learners have either unnecessary delays or skills gaps that could bear during their whole carreer.

The EMERGO-methodology and -toolkit offer solutions within one's reach. This methodology enables the development of complex e-learning scenarios with relatively small effort. Both methodology and toolkit have been successfully used in the EMERGO-project. In other words, they are proven concepts and proven technology.

Project managment is with the Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CELSTEC) at the Open University of the Netherlands. The Environmental Sciences consortium consists of the Hogeschool Zeeland, the Open University of the Netherlands (Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Business and Administration) the Kennis Netwerk Delta Water (KNDW): a consortium with main participants (Zeeland Province, Delta, Roosevelt Academy, NIOO (Netherlands Institute of Ecology), Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares, De Waterschappen, and Wageningen University and Research Centre).

The project aims particularly at knowledge dissemination, teacher professionalisation, sustainability, and output-measurement. The project end date is March 1th, 2010.

See: Skills Labs web site