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Emergo provides a method and toolkit for the development and delivery of multimedia cases
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21 April 2011
Assessing Competencies in a serious game using EMERGO
The Open Universiteit and Stichting Praktijkleren are going to develop a digital examination project for the study programs ICT-administrator in the senior secondary vocational education (mbo). The project will have the form of a serious game: students will ‘work’ for a virtual agency that organizes events. It is their task to develop, test and implement an administrative system. Aim of the project is to assess in an efficient way the competencies of the students.
The project starts in April 2011 and ends early in 2012.


9 February 2010
Evaluation cases Skills Labs
Four EMERGO cases for the domain Water Management have been recently successfully used by students of the Open University of the Netherlands and the HZ University of Applied Science. All cases have been developed and evaluated as part of the Skills Labs project. In general, students were very satisfied with the integration of theory and practice within these cases. Students have indicated though that the assignments could be more clearly stated. This would further clarify the constraints for their solutions.

The cases are developed in such a way that they can also be easily adapted and flexibly deployed by other institutions.

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