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26 January 2010
NetWerkTafel Serious Gaming a success
Tuesday 19 January 2010 SURFfoundation organised in collaboration with CELSTEC and the SIG Serious Gaming a ‘network table’. Representatives from education and industry explored the possibilities for further development of methods, tools and examples in the field of serious gaming, taking CELSTEC's EMERGO as point of departure.


10 December 2009
Collaboration CELSTEC and ROC Zadkine
The Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CELSTEC) of the Open Universiteit Nederland has signed a collaboration agreement with ROC Zadkine and Stichting Praktijkleren (Amersfoort). The collaboration is focused on the development of and research into webbased interactive multimedia real-life cases. The cases will be developed by using EMERGO methodology and toolkit.

Read the full story.

1 December 2009
EMERGO at Online Educa Berlin
Rob Nadolski and Aad Slootmaker will present "Exploring Architectures for Fast and Easy Development of Immersive Learning Scenarios" at Online Educa Berlin at December 4-rd. A possible role for EMERGO in such an architecture will also be examined.

EMERGO will be demonstrated at the booth in the stand of the Open University of the Netherlands-CELSTEC.

15 October 2009
Start of evaluation e-case
During this week the Zeeland University of Applied Science started the evaluation of the e-case Aquaculture: Volkerak Zoommeer. Students cooperate in pairs during this e-case which has been developed with EMERGO.
17 December 2008
Skills Labs project presentation
Hans Bronkhorst will present Skills Labs during EduExchange on December 17, 2008.


1 September 2008
Skills Labs project launched
The project Skills Labs: High-quality e-practicals Water Management with EMERGO was launched September 1th 2008. Read the full story.
20 June 2008
comenius-logoEMERGO awarded
Friday June 20th 2008, the EMERGO products of the Open University of the Netherlands have been awarded during the 'European EduMedia Awards 2008' in Berlin. Interactive Multimedia programs developed according to the EMERGO-method and with the EMERGO-toolkit are now allowed to carry the seal of approval of 'Ultimate Multimediaprogram for E-learning GPI'. See full newsitem (in Dutch).

10 February 2008
EMERGO toolkit
Via 'try the toolkit' a public version now has become available of the EMERGO toolkit, including software docs, installation guide and usage guide. You may either opt for a demo account to try out the tools, or for more professional usage with local installation.

28 - 30 November 2007
Online Educa 2007
Hans Hummel will be giving a presentation titled:
Making Your Own Serious Game: The EMERGO Approach for Integrated, Scenario-Based Game Design" on the Online Educa in Berlin.
10 July 2007
ISAGA 2007
On 10th of July Hans Hummel will give two presentations on the international ISAGA 2007 congress in Nijmegen, Netherlands: one about the history of educational games and the other about the EMERGO project.
30 May 2007
Serious Gaming Congres
The 30th of May 2007 EMERGO will be presented at the congress ‘Serious Gaming – Serious Simulation’ in Amsterdam, Netherlands.