Estimated duration of demonstration: ca. 10’.
Start situation: find the murderer of mr. Dubois.


  • Action: wait until intro video is finished
    Speak text: You see, you can use streaming video
  • Action: click on close button
    Speak text: You see there are some doors. Only one can be entered, the salon, where Watson is waiting.
  • Action: click on door salon, wait until video is finished and click on close button
    Speak text: Now you can ask questions.
  • Action: click on a question, but don’t listen the whole answer and click on close button
    Speak text: Now you can enter other doors to interrogate suspects.
  • Action: go to dining-room
    Speak text: You can ask mrs. Dubois questions too.
  • Action: an alert should have been shown now: ‘try to work faster’
    Speak text: As you see alerts can be sent, timed or triggered by player actions.
  • Action: wait until the ‘mail alert’ and click on the pda
    Speak text: On the pda you have your personal tools.
  • Action: click on e-messages and open the e-message
    Speak text: Predefined e-messages can be sent to the player. If defined players can send e-messages too.
  • Action: click on dossier and on photo F. Dubois (1)
    Speak text: All kind of sources can be made available.
  • Action: click on locations and on door salon and after some seconds the close button
    Speak text: Now you can further interrogate the suspects. You can ask them new questions. If you think you know who is the murderer enter the assessment room.
  • Action: enter the assessment room and answer the questions by clicking on them
    Speak text: You see you can use mc tests too. After answering the questions you will get your score and Watson will react according to your performance.